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Corporate Computing  is a full service Telecommunications Consulting Company that caters to all businesses. We offer professional and affordable consulting to companies that cannot cost justify a full time Telecom Manager. For companies with Telecom Managers, we offer support services for special projects, remote locations and as their additional staff at times when they might find themselves short handed.

Profile of Services

We offer our clients a wide range of services including System Audit, Phone Bill Audit, Network Optimization, Need Analysis, Voice/Data Integration, Computer - Telephone Integration, Home Office Systems Design, Building Wiring Systems, Proposal Preparation, Systems Selection, Project Management, Long Distance Analysis, LAN Design, WAN Design, Telecommunications Management, and many more.

All our service are offered on an "As Needed" basis, or, depend on us to design implement and manage all your telecommunications requirements. This leaves you to do what you do best: RUN YOUR BUSINESS!

Following is more details of our services:

System Audit

Our System Audit consist of performing a complete systems inventory that will document all telephones, PBX circuit cards, spare and working slots and ports, all telephone sub systems, all telephone lines and trunks and documentation of Main Distribution Frames and telephone outlets.

Phone Bill Audit

We will audit all your telephone bills, including local charges, long distance charges, service charges and any other related charges. All billing discrepancies will be documented and, when appropriate, we will negotiate all credits due back to you.

Network Optimization

We will acquire traffic studies on your telephone lines and trunks, including Wide Area Networks (multiple locations using tie lines, etc.), to make sure you have only the number of lines and trunks necessary for your anticipated grade of service. We will do the same for your internal PBX network, to the extent possible from your PBX.

Need Analysis

We will perform an analysis that will include learning how each department, branch office; company, etc. use the telephone in their business. We will document each department’s concerns. We will then determine the capabilities of you present system, to determine if their concerns can be met through reprogramming, the addition of subsystems or system replacement.

Long Distance Analysis

We will study your long distance calling patterns and determine the best company and calling plan and/or private network that will fit your patterns.

Data/Voice Integration

We will aid in the design of your data network and where feasible, take full advantage of integrating your voice and data inter activity such as, LAN demarcation, e-mail integration, FAX integration, Video Conferencing, voice and data multiplexing, ISDN capabilities, etc.

 With the implementation of ISDN features and improvements in multiplexing equipment, voice and data requirements can sometimes be met using the same telecommunications transmission media. We will apply our expertise in this field to assure your company of any possible usage of this cost saving features.

Multiple Office Networks

In today’s sophisticated local long distance, intra-data long distance and regular long distance, companies are spending monthly fortunes communicating with their branch offices, not to mention the increased cost of servicing their customers. We have had success stories where we designed private networks that legally bypassed the phone companies tollgates and saved thousands of dollars. We will analyze your multiple locations to take advantage of such networks.


The Internet and electronic commerce is becoming as popular as FAX machines. New uses for the Internet are being discovered daily. Our experience and access to Internet providers and server services will be a great asset as we consider your use of the Internet. The Intranet is becoming the normal for intra-office communications.

Computer Telephone Integration

Not only has Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) improved productivity in Call Centers, Customer Service Departments, Telemarketing, etc., but new hardware and software has made this technology affordable for the smallest to the largest of companies. Systems such as Fax-on-Demand, Interactive Voice Response, Voice Mail/Automated Attendant, and others can now fit on your existing Personal Computers and interface with your telephone system through your LAN. Our knowledge in this area will aid you in taking advantage of this technology.

Home Office Systems

The way we do business in America is constantly changing. Today, many high salaried, highly specialized corporate employees find themselves working as independent contractors. Our sales forces are no longer required to have a physical appearance in the corporate office. The high cost of corporate travel has made us limit national and regional meetings. While all these changes are saving millions of dollars, the need for sophisticated communications with our remote work force must increase. We can design and connect your "Home Office", whether it’s only a personal computer in your Family Room, a small group of offices across town or office space in an Executive Suite.

Building Wiring Systems

For new constructions and retrofits, we will work with Architects and Contractors to assure all telecommunications requirements are met, "before the walls go up".

We will design the building cabling system for your voice, data and security requirements. We will identify needs of MDF’s, IDF’s, Patch Panels, etc.

Proposal Preparation

When new systems or subsystems are required, we will write a Request for Proposals, that will list all your immediate and future requirements, your purchasing policies, insurance requirements, service requirements, time schedules, etc. These R.F.P.’s will be distributed to pre-qualified vendors and service providers, with proven track records.

Systems Selection

All proposals received need professional evaluation. We will analyze each proposal and rank them according to how they can best meet your operational, service and cost concerns. When necessary, we will recommend the most responsive proposal.

Project Management

We will act as your agent and interface directly with the service and equipment providers.

We will place all orders for telephone service from the Telephone Company and other providers.

We will design a PERT Chart and Milestone Schedule to assure prompt project completion.

We will assure that all contractual commitments are met and all equipment paid for is provided.

We will perform acceptance tests to assure all components and programming is complete and in working order before final payment is made.

Telecommunications Management

Many companies have communications systems that are quite complex and costly. Often times the person managing the systems have other primary duties, and are not professionally trained to manage the communications system. Therefore they depend on their vendors to solve all their telecommunications problems. Often, the vendor’s solution is to sell another component or system. Telephone bills are often signed off and paid with little concern for accuracy. As important as it is, these companies have a hard time cost justifying a full time employee to manage the communications system.

As your Telecommunications Manager we will become your single point of contact for all telecommunications requirements.

This will include network optimization, ongoing systems analysis and inventory, service call reporting and tracking, billing verification, TELCO coordination, shopping service and accountability to senior management.

We also offer a full line of microcomputer products, including:


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